Jellycat - Irresistible Ice Cream Assorted


Irresistible Ice Cream is available in 3 yummy flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mint!

Vanilla might look chilly, but this scrummy scamp gives cozy cuddles. With rich creamy fur in nuzzly tussles, a cheery grin, and a sweet stitch cone, this Cornish cutie is both dizzy and divine.

Strawberry is a candy-pink pal with a summery outlook. A scruffly scoop of yummy softness with a squidgy, stitchy wafer cone, this sorbet silly summons the sunshine!

Mint is one cool customer! With a stitchy golden lattice cone, topped with a dollop of fluffy minty green, this smiley sweet is magically melt-proof! Who's up for a trip to the beach?

Size: 7" H x 3" W